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Potsetuvanje za predavanje (05.05.2016 vo 12:00 casot) sala za sostanoci na FEIT

Potsetuvanje za predavanje (05.05.2016 vo 12:00 casot) sala za sostanoci na FEIT

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Vo ramkite na svoite aktivnosti oddelite SP/EMB (procesiranje na signali i inzenerstvo vo medicinata i biologijata) i ED/IM/SSC (elektronski komponenti, instrumentacija i merenja, poluprovodnicki kola) organiziraat predavanje na tema

"Sloboden softver vo elektrotehnikata - iskustva od primenata i nastavata"

Predavanjeto kje se odrzi na 05.05.2016 (cetvrtok) vo salata za sostanoci na Feit so pocetok vo 12:00 casot.
Predavac e renomiraniot profesor od Elektrotehnickiot fakultet vo Belgrad - Prof. d-r Predrag Pejovic IEEE SM
Podolu se kusoto rezime na predavanjeto i kusata biografija na prof. Pejovic.

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Goce Arsov

Pretsedatel na oddelot za ED/IM/SSC pri Makedonskata sekcija na IEEE

Kuso rezime na predavanjeto:

Free Software in Electrical Engineering
--- experiences from using and teaching ---

The lecture addresses issues in application of free software in science and engineering, primarily in electrical engineering, covering the use of free operating systems, with emphasis on command line abstraction, text formatting, drawing schematics, visualizing data, scientific computing, computer algebra, general programming, and circuit simulation. The lecture would briefly cover free software as a social phenomenon, and would focus to various software tools: GNU/Linux operating systems (Ubuntu), LaTeX, XCircuit, GNU Octave, gnuplot, Scilab, wxMaxima, Python, PyLab, SymPy, Julia, Sage, Ngspice, and Qucs. Application examples would cover experiences ranging from creating presentations and educational animations, to control system design, signal processing, virtual instrumentation and automated measurement and acquisition systems, circuit simulation, and software applications in power electronics. The lecturer, a former computer programer, nowadays a professor ( primarily focused to analog and power electronics, switched to free software in 2008, with Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron, and learned everything he knows about free software exclusively from the Internet. In 2010, he started to teach “Software Tools in Electronics” class, which according to the ranking of the class home page became his most popular course. Experiences from starting and teaching such class would be addressed in the lecture, as well as everyday experiences in using free software in professional practice, and difficulties in transition to free software.

Kusa Biografija na prof. d-r Predrag Pejovic.

Predrag Pejović, was born in Belgrade, in 1966, and completed his B.S. and M.S. degrees at the University of Belgrade, in 1990 and 1992, respectively. He completed his Ph.D. At the University of Colorado at Boulder, in 1995. Since 1995, he teaches various classes at the University of Belgrade: Electrical Measurements, Analog Electronics, Power Electronics, Software Tools in Electronics, Power Electronics 2, and Selected topics in Power Electronics. His educational background includes Mathematical High School (original: OVROMTS “Veljko Vlahović”), with emphasis in computer programming, which significantly affected his professional life. His research interests are primarily in power electronics, analog electronics, electrical measurements, automated measurement systems, control of dynamical systems, and digital signal processing as implemented in measurement systems. Occasionally, he does some research in positioning in wireless communication systems. His re
search results could be found listed at He is a big fan of free software, the Internet, and Massive Open Online Courses, as very effective means to promote science, education, and good will.